About Saitama Prefectural Urawa High School

What the school aims at

Our school was founded in 1895 at Kashimadai, in the town of Urawa as the first high school in Saitama prefecture. We are an all-male school with approximately 1,150 students and more than 31,000 graduates. Our aim is to foster a spirit of continual self-improvement and to prepare our students to play active roles in their communities.
At Urawa High School, we push for our students to develop into well-rounded citizens and become leaders in today’s global society. It is not sufficient enough for them to focus on only university (or college) entrance examinations, which is only one step on the path to their futures. In our classrooms, the students are encouraged to do their utmost not only in their studies but also in school events and club activities. Everyone at our school, students and teachers alike, is striving to fulfill these ideals.
School Mottos
i)    “Sho-bun, Sho-bu”(尚文昌武)

This phrase encapsulates the educational objectives of Urawa High School. The first two characters mean “Excel in your studies”, while the last two translate as “Work hard to strengthen yourself”. The second principal of the school, Sensho Fujii (藤井宣正, 1898-1900) coined this phrase. With this motto in mind, Urawa High School has been producing promising men with abundant knowledge, formidable physical health, and steadfast integrity year after year.

ii)    “Shu-Ha-Ri” (守・破・離)
This phrase is one of the quintessential lessons of Japanese martial arts, and has become a common phrase with all the teachers and students at our school.
Shu is the stage where you must learn through obeying your master. Next, you learn different ways to innovate in Ha. Finally, in Ri you have everything necessary to make your own way and act in accordance with your desires, without overstepping laws.
In this vein, our first year students are in the “Shu” phase, our second year students in “Ha”, and our third year students in “Ri.” First, they must learn how to be a student at Urawa High as they receive instruction in their studies and club activities. Second, they start finding ways to be different and enact changes as they lead club activities or school events. Third, they learn to take hold of their own futures as they make their way toward graduation and beyond.

iii)     “Run after at least three hares.” (少なくとも三兎を追え)
There is a proverb that usually states “If you run after two hares you will catch neither." However, at Urawa High School, you will find far more than two hares to chase after. Our 28th principal, Ikuo Sekine (関根郁夫, 2009-2012), pointed out the three main hares students should chase and capture: study, club activities, and school events. Our students strive to do their best in all three of these areas, and as they overcome the difficulties they face in pursuit of the three they are able to make lasting bonds with their fellow classmates. These bonds continue even after graduation, and as a result alumni activities have become an indispensible part of our school.
Through the experiences students encounter at our school, they are able to become well-rounded individuals who have the qualities to become leaders in our ever-changing world.
Career Guidance Lectures

At Urawa High School, we invite speakers who excel on the frontlines of their respective fields to talk at our ‘Career Guidance Lectures’ in front of the entire student body. In a period when students are discovering and honing their various innate abilities, these speakers come from fields of both the humanities and sciences to provide inspiration to the students through their stories and accomplishments.

We have been holding these lectures annually for over 30 years. As they are exposed to the possibilities of what our alumni have done, students can begin to formulate what they would like to do with their futures as the speakers relate their own experiences. Consequently, students are left with a deep impression on their way of thinking and their personalities, and can be encouraged to redouble their efforts toward their own pursuits.

Sports Events

Sports days at Urawa High School are runand managed by the student council, sports clubs, and the sports committee.  A tournament bracket is made, with all teams comprising of students volunteering from each individual class. The sports tournaments currently include: tug of war, football (soccer), softball, volleyball, tabletennis, swimming, cross country, basketball, rugby, judo, and kendo.

Unsurprisingly, fierce competition between the classes of all three grades is clearly seen; when uniting with new classes from each grade, each class is able compete as a team and build ties that will make true, lasting friendships. Furthermore, adding an extra challenge, the teaching staff also forms a team for students to compete against at all the sporting events, too!

  tug of war
  football (soccer)


cross country(Ekiden)
‘Reiwa Seminars’

One thing Urawa High School is most proud of is its network of alumni who continue to flourish in numerous fields. These include alumni in political spheres such as the Diet, those in central bureaucratic government offices, university lecturers from all fields of study, doctors in various fields of medicine, and also many industrial fields.

‘Reiwa Seminars’ are opportunities wherein the foremost alumni from their respected fields are invited to speak with current students who are interested. It is an important and informative event that takes place roughly 6-7 times every year, in which students listen to their seniors and have time to ask questions at the end, making for invaluable academic and intellectually stimulating exchanges.

‘Reiwa’ is another name for the alumni of our school and with their financial assistance a special two story building was constructed to house historical documents and objects relating to the school and to provide a space for special events such as the Reiwa Seminars. The first floor of the building is one that students particularly enjoy since it is the school cafeteria.

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